Inspire and be inspired

Inspire and be inspired

Sep 18, 2016 - 1 minute read

Our life is spent doing, working, and interacting with the world around us. Whether it’s our jobs, our relationships, or our passions we are all active animals, we are doers, dreams, poets of our own lives. We all understand what we do, we are sons, daughters, lovers, artists, and countless other things so expansive that we are moved with the realization that we are infinite, full of boundless possibilities, limited only by our own imagination. Some of us even know how we do what we do, working from a set of skills, understandings, and with a clear objective.

How few of us know why we do these things? Why do we love, paint, work, play, and live? Some may say, “I do it because I have to” others may say, “I do it because I enjoy it.” However these answers do not satisfy the question, that being why, what do you believe, what is your purpose. A businessman might tell you he’s in business to make money and he like so many others misses the point. Simon Sinek author of Start With Whyexplains the difference better than I.

We are all looking for others, others who believe what we believe. There are those who inspire us, some may say they are inspired by the work, the end product, the result. It is not the result but the passion, the inspiration, the reason why the work was done that inspires us. It is not that the work is well done, beautiful, or different that we are drawn to it. It is the expression of what we believe that we gravitate towards, it’s the feeling, the connection of a shared belief that draws us.

This is the why we are searching for. So in everything do discover what your belief is, what is the passion that creates your action, and you will inspire others and others will inspire you. Remember we do not climb the mountain so that the world can see us, we climb the mountain so we can see the world.

By a man on the top of the mountain