Learning photography?

Learning photography?

Sep 26, 2016 - 1 minute read

Photography is one of the most open art forms available to even the greenest of us. From the days of the Polaroid to the iPhone every person can try their hand at photography. The real questions are am I any good at it, do I need formal training, should I know about film? While all are good questions it’s important to remember that photography is an art and the only judge to worry about when starting out is your own expectations.

Like any art photography and your skill at it can only improve with practice, knowledge, and inspiration. When beginning here are a few tips to help you take better photos and enter the wonderful world of photography.

1. Look to the greats

Ansel Adams is one of the best photographers out there, his landscapes are breathtaking and for those interested in formal training Adams is one of the first photographers you study in an undergraduate photography class. So view his work, learn about the “rule of thirds”, and try and mimic his framing of a shot when trying to find your own style.


If you’re playing around with your iPhone and taking photos for the first time VSCO is a must. It’s free has great filters and can help your photos pop. You can download VSCO’s iPhone app here.

3. Remember there are no rules

Remember there are no rules and photography is meant to be fun! If you want to learn how to take a specific type of photo, want to learn about film, or techniques Google is a powerful tool that can help you along the way.